Meet Dr Sandra, Creator of Memorial Silver

My name is Rev. Dr. Sandra Byland. I am an Animal Chaplain, Humane Educator
and Interfaith Minister, but I am also an award-winning fine artist and designer. As
an avid humanitarian with a Doctorate in Humane Religious Studies, it has always
been important for me to provide loving, compassionate service in some way
through my creativity in honor of all of God's creatures.

Through the years, I have worked with countless families to provide spiritual
support during times of loss and transition of their beloved animal companions. And during those times, I have heard over and over again how those who grieved wished that they had something they could carry with them of their beloved pets, now in spirit. I created Heaven Stones™ just for that purpose - memorial cremation ashes jewelry. As no stranger to loss myself, I understand intimately what these small treasures can mean to those of us whose beloved animal companions are now in spirit.

Through many months of research, trial and error, working with the concept of creating cremation jewelry that was both unique and beautiful Heaven Stones™ emerged. I have now served thousands of clients, creating lovely pieces that they can wear for years to come that help to bring a sense of peace, comfort and joy in honor of their precious animal family members who have passed.

Together with my husband Eldon, surrounded by our beloved animals, we run our family business from our Sedona home studio. I create each and every piece personally by hand and Eldon takes care of the business side of our work. We are a loving team, reaching out " provide for those who mourn, beauty for ashes."

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